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Nick Cocchi Endorsed For Sheriff by Teamsters

(Hampden County, MA) Stating that his “background and proposed direction for the Hampden County Sheriff Department will bring positive results”, The Teamsters, Local Union 404, has officially endorsed Nick Cocchi for Sheriff of Hampden County.

“I am so appreciative and humbled to have the support of the Teamsters so early in this campaign. When I met with the Executive Board of the Teamsters, Local 404, as with other organized labor unions that have endorsed me, I was renewed in my commitment to what our next Sheriff has to do to stand by the women and men who run one of the best Departments and correctional facilities in America. It’s not the bricks and mortar of our facilities; it’s the dedicated and committed people who do one of the toughest jobs in America that accounts for our success,” said Cocchi.

In an official letter of endorsement, Frank A. Rossi, President of Local 404 wrote: “Your professionalism and dedication to the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department are to be admired, the understanding you have for the Union members and employees that perform day to day operations of the Sheriff’s Department, the Correctional Facility, being the cornerstone of the Sheriff’s success and that of the Sheriff’s Department is clearly a leadership characteristic the department will benefit from immensely.”  

“Every endorsement we’ve received, from The Teamsters to The Carpenters Union Local 108, from the Tolland Firefighters to the Hampden County Superior Corrections Officers Association, is a trust and a responsibility that I will never take for granted. When meeting with the members of the public safety and labor unions, I have benefited not just from their endorsements, but from what I learn from them. They always remind me, police officer to truck driver, firefighter to corrections professional, the importance of secure employment, for our correctional staff and for the people we have incarcerated. Jobs are essential in order for inmates to return to society in a productive way,” said Cocchi.

“Now when I get a little tired from my duties as Assistant Superintendent of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department or from my new second full-time job of campaigning for Sheriff, I just read the last sentence of the Teamsters endorsement: “It is with great pleasure to inform you that the entire Executive Board of Teamsters Local 404 welcomes the opportunity to unanimously endorse your candidacy for Sheriff of Hampden County””, said Cocchi.