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Cocchi Receives Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Unanimous Endorsement.

The Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association voted unanimously to endorse Nick Cocchi as the next Sheriff of Hampden County. Cocchi interviewed with the Association and has worked with many of the individual Police Chiefs in his role as Assistant Superintendent of The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department.

“Earning the endorsement of The Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association, the leadership of every local Police Department in our state, feels like a having earned another college degree – I feel as happy as the day I received my Masters in Business from Our Lady of The Elms! After working from the ground up in professional corrections, from a correctional officer cadet to Assistant Superintendent, this endorsement to be our next Sheriff really is like a stamp of approval from the men and women who run local law enforcement state-wide. They know what it takes to lead. They know what it is to get the tough call at 3:00 a.m. or how to mitigate the day-to-day issues of running a department. I will make them proud of this endorsement as Sheriff of Hampden County,” said Cocchi.

The Executive Officers on the Board of The Massachusetts Police Chief Association represents police departments and chiefs from across the state and also includes several police chiefs from Hampden County, including: West Springfield Chief, Ronald Campurciani, Hamden Chief Jeffery Farnsworth and Former East Longmeadow Police Chief Douglas Mellis. Mellis also served as Past President of the Association

“When I was in the House of Representatives, we appreciated the sage advice of the Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association. They were a great resource to us on legislation and issues that mattered to the people they protected and served. Their endorsement is one that is sought after and they don’t give their stamp of approval easily,” said Former Massachusetts House Chairman of Public Safety, Paul E. Caron.

Earlier this week, Cocchi was also endorsed by the Massachusetts Police Association, representing 20,000 police officers across the state.

“It’s been a gratifying week for me and the campaign. I think these endorsements say a lot about the ideas and plans I have presented city to town across Hampden County and to these groups. These law enforcement associations know what is real or not, what will work best in protecting the citizen’s of Hampden County. They have given their approval to our plans to continue the standard of excellence achieved by the women and men I work with every day at The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department and to the changes we will make to make this nationally recognized department even more technologically advanced,” said Cocchi.