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(Hampden County, MA) Nick Cocchi, Assistant Superintendent of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department and candidate for Sheriff of Hampden County, has received the endorsement of Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni.

“As I watched the race and its candidates came into focus, I saw only one candidate who has devoted his professional life to the Hampden County Sheriff's Department; working side-by-side with the greatest Sheriff in Massachusetts history. That candidate is Nick Cocchi,” said Gulluni.

“Nick Cocchi understands the balance between firmness and fairness.  Nick is the only candidate who knows the jail from corner to corner over his 23 years of outstanding service.  Nick’s expertise, experience and vision in tackling the opioid crisis will continue to make the Sheriff’s Department a great partner in fighting this epidemic.  Nick Cocchi is uniquely qualified to be our next Sheriff and I enthusiastically lend my voice to the chorus of law enforcement professionals supporting his efforts,” added Gulluni.

 “I am honored to have the support of District Attorney Gulluni.  His commitment to Hampden County has been exemplary and I am dedicated to working in partnership with him and his office to further our shared goals,” said Nick Cocchi.

“The triad that keeps our county safe are police in apprehending the criminal; the District Attorney holding them accountable with successful prosecution, and the Sheriff’s Department rehabilitating the offender so that he returns to our community as a more productive citizen, less likely to reoffend,” added Cocchi.

District Attorney Gulluni has a unique understanding of what it takes to do the job of Sheriff because he works with our department every day.  I am so proud to have his support,” said Cocchi.