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Nick Cocchi for Sheriff of Hampden County

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The office of Sheriff is more than a symbol for public safety.  It’s nothing less than the essential linchpin to assuring that our communities remain secure places for us to live and raise our families.  

All of my adult life, through every minute of my professional career, working for and with one of the greatest Sheriffs in our nation, I have been preparing for the day when I can pick up the mantle to continue a renowned and storied tradition of effective and essential public safety leadership.

I pledge to ensure that the most important effort in Hampden County government continues.  

I have dedicated my entire 23 year career to the Hampden County Sheriff's Department.  I am not a politician.  I am a highly decorated corrections professional who understands the complexities of the corrections process and solemn responsibilities of the office of Sheriff.

I am proud to have spent the last two decades helping to build one of the most successful law enforcement programs in the country.  As the current Deputy Superintendent overseeing the day to day operations of our most critical departments, I am keenly aware of the changing needs of corrections programs to address contemporary criminal justice issues and the challenges that face the modern day Sheriff's Department.

Who becomes the next Sheriff will have a significant impact on the public safety, economy, government and politics of our county.  We literally change lives every day.  I along with the hundreds with whom I serve are committed to raising up those who have fallen, embracing those who need support and doing all that is in our power to educate the youngest among us to help make their path in life productive and trouble free.  I have already committed my life to do all in my power to make Hampden County safer. I am committing to you again, that as Sheriff I will continue to give you all that I have and all that I am.

I invite you to join me on my journey to be the next Sheriff of Hampden County.  Together, we can continue the efforts that have made our Sheriff’s Department one of the most respected in the country!

Nick Cocchi

PO Box 4697

Springfield MA 01101

Paid for by the committee to Elect Nick Cocchi,  Mark Cloutier, Treasurer